• We are expert at building brands and maintaining brand strength by deploying a carefully selected suite of marketing techniques and tools. We have experience in developing strategies to launch, grow and maintain brands and entertainment properties at each stage of their consumer products lifecycle.
  • We have developed launch plans for food, fitness, home furnishings and luxury goods products in domestic and international markets. Our expertise is in optimizing client marketing budgets to extend and multiply the budget by careful alliances, added value exposure and by creating an optimum mix of marketing actions to deliver the brand message in a very cost effective way.
  • Our retail relationships are strong and broad and we often work with selected retailers directly at an early stage in a brand’s life to ensure controls and optimum consumer presentation during the critical launch phase. After all, being at the correct retailer sends a big message to consumers about the quality and brand promise of a new product.
  • With over 50 years of combined licensing expertise, we are adept at licensing intellectual property and work with our clients to either secure them the best new licenses or from the licensor side, we manage outreach to secure licensees and retailers for their precious properties.

We operate under the highest ethical standards and are proud to support L.I.M.A – the Licensing Industry Manufacturers Association ww.licensing.org. The Prominent team has deep experience in celebrity, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment licensing.